Hypoxia Workstation from Baker Ruskinn

Baker Ruskinn's SCI-tive range of advanced hypoxia workstations is perfectly suited for cell culture under physiological oxygen, helping to yield better stem cell lines by eliminating cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation. SCI-tive's closed cell culture environment mimics in vivo conditions with precise, user-defined controls, allowing you study even the most complex cell interactions. Its spacious interior provides a continuous, controlled-oxygen environment, from seeding through expansion, assay and harvest, and easily accommodates a variety of analytical equipment - no more working on an open bench. SCI-tive's optional HEPA filtration system provides clean air within the work area to protect cultures from contaminants, and an upgraded enhanced containment package provides user protection.

Create multiple atmospheres for your application with SCI-tive Dual.

Which size do you need? Use our Capacity Checker to find out.

Photo Gallery

SCI-tive angled with stand SCI-tive front with stand SCI-tive acute angle SCI-tive angled SCI-tive angled left
SCI-tive acute angle left SCI-tive internal left SCI-tive internal right SCI-tive control screen SCI-tive humidity control


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