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On February 23rd the Inaugural Physiological Oxygen Workshop and Educational Initiative which Baker helped to pioneer, was held at King's College London. The workshop highlighted the importance of replicating physiological oxygen levels for standard in vitro culture models with cardiovascular cells. Hands on product training with Baker and Baker Ruskinn products included: SterilGARD, InvivO2, HypoxyCOOL and SCI-tive Dual.

Baker in the News

Baker was recently featured in an article highlighting our diverse product line(s), innovative technologies and rich history by ‘Business In Focus’ magazine. Please take a moment to read the article at: . Business In Focus magazine provides a comprehensive view of North American business across multiple industries with an emphasis on global stories of success.

February 2016, UK: BakerRuskinn, global leaders in anaerobic and modified
atmosphere solutions for microbiology applications, today announces the
launch of its new Concept range of workstations, designed to deliver the most
reliable and consistent results.

20 July,  2016: The new InvivO2 range from Baker Ruskinn ensures that you can study even the most complex cell interactions under precise physiological oxygen conditions, as the range has been built to mimic the exact physiology of your research target as nature intented.

Sanford, Maine, February 18, 2016: Baker Ruskinn, a global leader in anaerobic and precision low-oxygen culture solutions for microbiology and cell culture applications, has partnered with SciPro, a distributor of scientific instruments and specialty accessories, to distribute its product lines in North America.

Sanford, Maine, October 21, 2015: The Baker Company, Inc., the pioneer in air containment, contamination control, and controlled environments solutions, has appointed Dr. Kara Held to the position of Science Director to advise product development, marketing, and sales efforts. Dr. Held brings a unique blend of laboratory and managerial experience, most recently as Lab Manager and Safety Officer of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Sanford, Maine, October 16, 2014:  The Baker Company, Inc., the world leader in clean air, air containment and contamination control technologies, announced the creation of a new brand, Baker Ruskinn, through which it will evolve new tools for advanced cell research. The launch of the Baker Ruskinn brand follows Baker’s 2011 acquisition of UK-based Ruskinn Technology, Ltd.

Going beyond "Creating Immaculate Atmospheres" to creating optimal "Environments For Science"

SANFORD, Maine — December 2, 2013 — HypoxyCOOL™, the new media conditioning system from Baker Ruskinn, accelerates the reduction of oxygen concentration in tissue/cell culture media to user-defined values by as much as two days. The system is the first commercialized solution for precisely controlling oxygen levels in liquid media used in stem cell expansion or any tissue culture process requiring accurate and stable oxygen levels.

Vertical-flow recirculating clean bench provides superior product protection and allergen control